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Judging will commence shortly and will be considering not only prose, imagination, and titillation, but body positivity, diversity, and consent.


Sexiest Consent
Expressed verbally or physically, sexy consent writing is a fine art.

Best sexy talk
Great banter can make for a great sex story, be it witty, dirty or romantic.

Best LGBTQI scene
The hottest, sweetest or most compelling LGBTQI love scene.

Best thought leadership
Who’s moving the conversation forward? Non-fiction.

Erotic touch
A special award for the most erotic touch across all stories.

Best feminist sex
The sexiest scenes that embody feminist values.

Best kink
The best sex writing exploring BDSM or fetishes.

Best use of sex toys
The hottest scenes with a bit of help from our sex toy friends.

Fan Fiction
*By popular demand*
The award for the sexiest fan fiction.

Readers’ Choice
Finalists from each category
will be entered here.