A bit about us before you say yes (yes, YES!)

The Good Bits x Rachel Kramer Bussel have partnered with sex-positive sponsors including Frolic Media, All About Romance, Bellesa and Fly Media Productions, with an array of renowned judges, to bring you the Good Sex Awards.

For too long, the patriarchy has determined our sexual narrative. By re-writing desire and power dynamics, today’s sex writers are taking ownership of a new narrative to help us live a new reality.

These awards will recognize the best sex in literature. In this, our inaugural year, we are bringing together members of the sex positive community in support of the writers reimagining ‘good sex’.

Good sex crosses genres and communities

The Romance and Erotic writing worlds and the broader sex positive community have much in common. When The Good Bits sexy story platform and esteemed erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel decided to collaborate on an award to amplify good sex writing, they were met with enthusiasm across sex tech and sex positive businesses and activists. We are united in our aim to create a sex positive future, and hope that this, the Inaugural Good Sex Awards, can be the first of many.

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These great brands are for good sex

Dipsea, Normal, Frolic, Bellesa, The Good Bits, All About Romance, Rachel Kramer Bussel and FlyMedia Productions

The Good Sex Awards are an initiative of The Good Bits and Rachel Kramer Bussel supported by Normal, Bellesa, Frolic Media, Dipsea, Pleasure Mechanics, All About Romance, and Fly Media Productions.